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Dragonfly from Boudhanath Kathmandu, Nepal, taken on 11.09.2013 with a Lumix Panasonic DMC -TZ 18..

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The Daily Macro database is a collection of macro images from around the world submitted by people.Each day a different macro is provided to the public.Older pictures can be viewed from the archive and be sent as Ecards. Anyone is invited to submit one or more pictures, or just go through our growing archive.You may submit macro pictures of almost anything like little insects, crystals, electronic parts, marbles, rocks, mushrooms, pins, car parts, jewelry, precious stones, cut or uncut emeralds, diamonds, rubys, money bills or whatever you find worth to become the marcro of the day. -  Spamprotection - Email-adresses are now protected against spam.

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2013 The Daily Macro Photo.

Things can look real different when viewed from close.Macro-Photography is an increddibly interesting field not only for professionals.Since the days that good cameras became affordable for almost anyone many great pictures where taken and since the internet came up you can find excellent photographs all over the net.( See this example site where brilliant pictures of gemstones where taken with a medium price camera).
The main goal of this site is to store the best macros in a database for many years.
If you are new into this , just have a look into our growing archive and get an idea what macro-photography is about.Millions of objects and scenes for the photographer are everywhere around,we just have to see them.Try it out and send us your picture.We are looking forward for it !



Photographer: Hans-Jürgen Heyen

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